Friday, April 17, 2009

Last week was a rough week.
Went to school from Monday->Sunday[6/4->12/4].
And on Thursday i got scolding from that fucker Wai Yi.
In front of Form 1s some more!
What the shit.
It went like this:-
Fucker:*looks at the name list*"why didn't sign one?!"
Me:"I ask Jing dee.If rushing no need to sign."
Fucker:"Must sign laa, stupid~! ish.."

I was like.
What's her prob, laa.
My list i do what i want laa.
What she care?!
Dammit laa.
Got so angry I was banging
and throwing stuff everywhere
until i cool down a bit.
Then Lau Yee Shuen
came and told me.

Her:"eh.amelia cry in the morning arh?"
Then I was like..
Her:"she cried laa, just now.I ask her why
but she say ngan tong.
Then Ma Lai Fong go ask
she also said ngan tong.
So that night I called Amelia
and asked her what happened.
See see really eye pain.
Then Sunday i went to school for I.U Day
[International Understanding Day]
Me, Abe and Yee Yeeng walking
around the school damn bored.
All we did was eat, walk and play with phone.
k la. lazy liao.
wanna sleep.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I know i haven't been posting for quite a long time.
Didn't have time to go online so now
my other blog is dead.

I have nothing to talk bout now.
So during some of the holidays i may fill
this new blog up.